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mother on the wall… [Bon Iver]


Its been a while, I know, but we’re back with a new look. Whenever I try to write music, at some point I think to myself “there’s no way. You can’t do it.… Continue reading

A New Nomenclature… [Andrew Bird]


Alright, we’re back from the Holidays with a look at an artist who is unequivocally, though not superfluously, or pompously, adept at proliferating and commiserating a complex, if not opulent diction… …that means… Continue reading

Cool verses and surround sound… [Laura Veirs]


Do you like fish without eyes? Do you enjoy shucking free your deadened self like snakes and corn do? Do you want to ride into the sun on a raft made for one?… Continue reading

“Eet” and other singable syllables [Regina Spektor]


Poetry has always been intricately connected with syllables. The differing parts of words making up the rhythm, meter, sound, and sense of many of the poems that we truly connect with. These subtle… Continue reading

Mmm… Japanesy [Anathallo]


What if a band decided to incorporate Japanese folklore into their album’s lyrics and went so far as to actually sing at times in ancient Japanese? What if that same band did it… Continue reading

Dayenu…? [Ben Kweller]


The concept of a singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar is all but dead in America, drowned by droves of Chris Carrabba clones screaming at the top of their lungs and breaking the strings… Continue reading

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    • inside me grows a man/ who speaks with perfect diction/ as he orders my eviction 7 years ago
    • Oh my mother she betrayed us, but our father clothed and bathed us. 8 years ago
    • Summer in the city means... cleavage cleavage cleavage 8 years ago
    • "I think I'm drunk enough to drive you home now." 8 years ago
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