Dayenu…? [Ben Kweller]


The concept of a singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar is all but dead in America, drowned by droves of Chris Carrabba clones screaming at the top of their lungs and breaking the strings… Continue reading

Not so Fleeting [Foxes]


It’s rare enough to find a group of musician’s that perform lyrically appealing tunes, it’s even more rare to find it within a unique sound. Fleet Foxes, the five-man band out of Seattle,… Continue reading

This is me trying… [William Shatner]


The last place you might think to find a masterful blend of music and poetry is an album by William Shatner, but as strange as it sounds, I think in some ways he’s… Continue reading

No No, They’re not all spies… [Coldplay]


Ok, so at some point or another we’ve all been charmed by Chris Martin‘s simple piano plucks, rainbow colored fingers, and falsetto melodies. Also, there’s no denying that few things are more appropriate… Continue reading

What did Sarah say? [DCFC]


A short poetic look at Death Cab for Cutie’s What Sarah Said.

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  • Lyric of Honor [Twitter]

    • inside me grows a man/ who speaks with perfect diction/ as he orders my eviction 7 years ago
    • Oh my mother she betrayed us, but our father clothed and bathed us. 8 years ago
    • Summer in the city means... cleavage cleavage cleavage 8 years ago
    • "I think I'm drunk enough to drive you home now." 8 years ago
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